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According to a report by the Press Trust of India on the 29th, the Medical Research Council of India released the results of the second Indian national serum survey on the 29th. The results showed that the survey was conducted from August 17 to September 22...

The Wells said that no one should be insulted for their opinions. "They can and should express their differences with honesty and integrity, but with integrity...otherwise, we will be losers and we are all losers," wrote.

No matter what order is drawn, it is the same. This is a question I recently asked through HiFi.

Indian TV recently reported that the epidemic in India is severely underestimated, and the actual number of new cases in a single day may be between 200,000 and 250,000. A research team from Hyderabad, India recently publishpowerball payout tableed a research report in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, pointing out that based on the analysis of existing data, India is expected to surpass the United States in the first week of October and become the country with the largest number of confirmed cases in the world.

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One sign that the current epidemic in India is still accelerating is the number of new cases per day hitting new highs. There were 97570 new cases in a single day in India on September 11, which is currently the highest record for all countries in the world. The Hindustan Times reported on the 16th that India had an average daily increase of 93,334 cases in the past week, an increase of 50.7% over the same period last month.