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Farmer representatives issued an "ultimatum" to the government on the 4th, stating that if the government does not meet their requirements, they will no longer participate in subsequent negotiations. In response, government representatives stated that the law can be amended and farmers can be given more rights. However, the farmer's representatives still rejected the food provided by the government in order to show a tough attitude.

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Wolfewon made $300 in a lucky game. This is the first time the employee has been accused of stealing from commissions. This is the fourth place in California and the first Coachella Valley and Jackpotint

Ti in Kerala, a 24-year-old man became a millionaire all night after winning the Thiruvonam bumper BR-75 Kerala lottery jackpot worth 12 million rupees on Sunday. Ananthu Vijayan, a resident of Idukki, Kerala, is declaring that Thiruvon

S&P closely watching India's vaccination drive amid risks from new Covid-19 stbest lotto tickets to buyrains

Reuters reported that the Indian market is favored by e-cigarette companies. Some e-cigarette companies, including U.S. e-cigarette giant Juul Laboratories and U.S. tobacco company Philip Morris International, are planning to expand their scale in India. The Indian government’s ban Let these companies' expansion plans frustrated.