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As with many others, he wasn’t sure how to choose those numbers so he went with important milestones. But choosing those five meaningful lottery numbers came up trumps for Mister Bautislatest powerball resultsta. He landed a cool $361,522 (around £274,500) for taking that chance with that set of numbers. When asked what he would spend the cash on, he was considering a new car. The rest would go towards savings and other financial securities for the future. He also spoke about his meanings for each of the numbers, believing that this was a significant win for him based on choosing those for that 4th July draw.

When accepting British media, Mr. Philip Dunning said: "I have been betting with this set of numbers for 11 years. I really didn't expect that one day I would win the lottery! It feels like an electric shock! "Mr. Ding Ning insisted on buying lottery, with a calm mind, keeping the number for eleven years, and finally getting a good fortune! "

On the one hand, about two-thirds of India's population still live in rural areas. For many farmers, food and clothing are the first. Planting crops and burning straw are their main ways of making a living.

On January 15 this year, the US Powerball awarded a huge prize of US$1.5 billion. In the previous period, the high prize pool of Powerball lottery attracted many overseas lottery players to participate. Ms. Nancy Viola, who lives on Staten Island, is also a big fan of the Powerball lottery. On January 7, after discovering that the Powerball prize pool had reached 900 million US dollars, Nancy told her husband Vito Viola to help her buy a Powerball lottery ticket. However, Vito turned a blind eye to the Powerball lottery. "Instead, I bought a US Mega Millions lottery for my wife. Compared to the Powerball with a prize pool of 900 million US dollars, the Super Millions prize pool is only 415 million US dollars. According to Nancy's memories, at the time, she couldn't understand her husband's move.

The two tickets of Louisiana (1) and Pennsylvania (1) match the Powered PowerPlay of all 5 white balls. Multiply by 2, you can get a cash profit of $20,000!

y colleagues. "" HiThornc, no, I'm not like a Brazilian, because I really want to share my thoughts and then think along this line. Let me begin to study the theoretical statement, which shows what the maxlatest powerball resultsimum number you can agree on at position 6/49.

An 8-year-old boy in India was regarded as the incarnation of the monkey god by the villagers because of his “little tail”. An 8-year-old boy from a village in India, Dura Singh, had a furry “little tail” on his back. The villagers believed that he was the monkey god (Hindu god). ) Incarnation. He lives with his uncle Sahib Singh, Punjab. Sahib said: "His mother had decided to remove the tail or she would not raise him. Since then, I have taken care of Dura Singh, and we have decided not to remove the tail." The family believes that cutting the hair may bring them one. Bad omen. People from nearby villages went to see and pray in droves, all treating him as the incarnation of the monkey god. His aunt Manjeer Kaur said: “People come to see him every day. They believe he is a monkey god.” When Dura Singh lived with his mother, people walked hundreds of miles to touch his tail in search of blessings. "Dura Singh also believes that his tail is a gift from God. He said: "People come to see me every day. They want my blessing. I don't know the reason, but they think I am like a monkey god. "My family and I agree that this is a gift from God and I will not remove it. I don't mind the tail." I don't think it is a bad thing to have a tail. If it is God, let it be there. People respect that I have a tail. "

Although the chances of making money are a bit small, it can't be lost anyway, so Mukhtar took the money and bought a lottery ticket.

Indian men suffer from AIDS and change their new friends every night and infect 300 women!