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You can receive it from any lottery store in the state. There is a lottery draw every Thursday, and participants have a chance to win a cash prize of up to Rs 8 million. Lotteries are legal in Kerala and are conducted under the supervision of the state government. The Kerala State Lottery is the first such scheme in India. The scheme was established in 1967 and managed by the state government. The process

The Trisha Convenience store clerk on duty back then, however, handed her a $10 Set for Life scratch-off instead. Noticing the mistake immediately, Oksana felt bad, so she paid full price for the ticket anyway.

If any area of the economy has grown during the pandemic, it is education. Not just academic education either, but leisure courses and business training. It is to this end that the National Lottery recently allocated some 88 artists based in Northern Ireland grants to deliver their own online courses. So many artists receiving national lottery funding have offered illustration and other art courses over the last few years. But now, they can offer their courses for free to children and adults. This helps both the artists who currently struggle for offline clients, and children and adults with little money to invest.

The day started as any normal day did. But it wasn’t a normal day. James was due to help his friend move house. Conversation flowed about life and starting a business, especially difficulties in the current economic climate. It came up that a local lad had won big on a scratchcard. Deciding to try his own luck, James decided that if there was a space at his local, he would stop off and buy some scratchcards. He didn’t expect to see a space, there rarely are gaps at this particular location. But there was and the parking space responsible led to the big win.

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It’s the stuff that movies are made of but it probably happens more often in real life than we’d think. In fact, there is at least one movie adaptation where this actually happened. In October in Missouri USA, a bartender tipped a Powerball ticket in lieu of a cash tip. The American convention dictates that a coffee shop or restaurant customer leave a 20% tip. The cost of a lottery ticket is, of course, typically much lower than a restaurant tab. However, the winning are potentially much larger. It’s a chance the bartender takes and rarely works out. Not in this case though.